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Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Estate planning typically attempts to eliminate uncertainties over the administration of a probate and maximize the value of the estate by reducing taxes and other expenses.

The David Agency will team with your attorney or recommend one of many we have worked with before to design and finance your need to:
  • Pay estate taxes
  • Pay capital gains taxes
  • Ensure your children are funded through college
  • Set up a trust
  • Guarantee your spouse is financially secure
  • Fund your charities
  • Or any other goal you have
No matter how much you own, everyone needs a basic estate plan:
  • A will (select guardian for your children)
  • Power of Attorney
  • A Living Will or Health – Care Proxy (medical power of attorney)
  • Trust, Living Trust – a simple process of moving your assets to another at your death, reducing estate and gift taxes and distribute your assets without delay and publicity of probate court
The process starts with you making an inventory of your assets:
  • Investments
  • Retirement savings
  • Insurance policies
  • Real estate
  • Business interests
Then the following questions are asked about your plan:
  • Who will inherit your assets?
  • Who will handle your financial affairs if you are incapacitated?
  • Who will make your medical decisions if you are not able to make them yourself?
Why involve a David Agency adviser?
  • It provides a “checks and balances” system with the attorney selected by you to assure that decisions made make sense from the insurance perspective
  • If additional life insurance is warranted to achieve the goals of your plan, a policy tailored to your needs is procured
  • Our advisers have done enough of these to know the experiences gleaned from others to assist in making this process run smoothly
Consult the Chicago Insurance Agents at The David Agency today to learn how we can help develop personal insurance, business insurance and employee benefit plans that are right for you and your business.

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